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  1. Maintenance for a Grout Direct Color Sealed floor is as follows:
  2. Vacuum the entire floor to remove all loose dirt and debris.
  3. Mix a solution of 4 oz of household multi surface cleaner, to one gallon of warm water.
  4. Apply cleaner to floor liberally with a mop, (work in 6’ X 6’) sections so that cleaner stays wet.
  5. Rinse mop thoroughly and with a damp-dry mop, work along grout-lines back and forth until all visible dirt is removed.
  6. Stubborn stains can be removed by using mild cleaners directly to the grout-line, allowing it to stand for 3 or 4 minutes, then use a terry cloth to wipe away stain.


  1. Do not use strong degreaser cleaners on grout-lines. It may compromise the durability of the sealer.
  2. Do not attempt to clean grout-lines with cleaner for one month after installation. Do not use anything besides warm water for 30 days.
  3. Do not use solvents or alcohol based liquids on grout-lines.
  4. Do not steam clean grout-lines.
  5. Do not abuse grout lines by sanding, scraping or scratching as the actual grout mortar may become damaged requiring touching-up of the grout sealer.

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